Welcome To The World Of  RC Mini- Remote Helicopters

Why start this hobby of flying mini helicopters?

  • When you compare this hobby to others it is really cheap to get started in.

Now the world has given us electric power helicopters and planes, not gone our the days of nitro engines, but the fact one can get the same effect flying a remote controlled helicopter or plane that can fly out of the box with just a charge has opened the world for so many to enjoy this hobby without having to spend weeks or months to build a plane as in the old days-Right out of the box for around $30 you can be flying a mini heli in your own lounge room.

Mini Remote RC Helicopters



There is a difference to a toy helicopter and a coaxial helicopter: Toy rc  helicopters are exactly that, a toy, they are really cheap to buy and you can have a lot of fun with them-however they are normally made of plastic and can not be repaired.

Enter the world of Coaxial helicopters

Syma S032-blue2


The difference is massive from a toy heli to Coaxial

When you crash and damage or break a toy helicopter, the helicopter is  finished and thrown out. With a coaxial heli like the Syma S107 which is great for the beginner you can buy parts very cheaply and repair to be up and flying again.Coaxial-blade

What does Coaxial mean:

The picture above shows how two rotors spin in the opposite direction of each other and then cancel out the reactive torque that is made by each blade spinning. This leads to a very stable helicopter-Plus also the Syma has also Gyro technology which I will not explain here but increases stability to hover and great for the beginner into heli flying.

Starting off for indoor remote helicopter flying you will be looking at a 2-3 channel helicopter that gives you

Rotate Clockwsie / Anti-Clockwise/ Move Forward / Backward/ Move Up / Down.

They usual come with a infra red remote which means they do not work in bright sunlight-We are talking say for the Syma around $30 complete ready to fly out of the box with a battery charge and 6 AA batteries for remote required. You are then ready to go.

After you get your head around that you move to a 4 channel heli that has more flying ability, like moving sideways, however costs go up like  I moved up to the Walkera 4 channel helicopters prices around $160-The next move is to a 6 channel Heli. cost the around $500. I hope you can see that for $40 will get your feet wet into a nice easy heli to fly like the Syma 032G or to me the best one to start off with is the Syma S107 You will find a very good review on the Syma S107 HERE.

Start off with only a budget of $30 and move up when you can afford to or if the heli flying bug bites you-Know it will.

Flying is around 8 minutes which is average time,then wait 15 mins to let heli battery cool down before charging the battery. Flying these birds takes away so much stress it should be incorporated in your work area and especially in your own home-better than booze or sex!!

Some times when I get home grab a can of b/coke-start up my Syma mini heli and fly around my lounge room the stress of the day just diminishes. Really very rewarding especially as you get more control over flying the heli and doing some tricks-Always consider any pets you have as they hate things flying around their heads.

Here are a few videos of the Syma S107 my first Syma.

And even a guy of my age freaking out enjoying his Syma

Good video in Chinese but shows Syma S032 with features

On board Camera on Syma S032

Guess now you can see the fun in heli flying-My view start with the Syma S107 then move up to the Syma S032G which is a lot bigger-Above all just enjoy the fun of it all.

I recommend two sites two look at if you are interested to put your toe in the water to buy your first 3 channel helicopter:

Any help required please feel free to contact me

Syma S107 Review

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Why Buy A Syma S107 Mini Remote Helicopter?


By John Selby

Getting into the hobby of flying Mini remote RC helicopters is so rewarding and truly so much fun and also does not cost a fortune to get started- So let us say you have a budget of $30. Now we will go into more facts and why I recommend the Syma S107.

The Great features of the Syma as follows:

Right out of the box and charged either by the USB cable supplied or from the remote directly the Syma S107 flies straight up and hovers with hardly any trim which is done by adjusting the trim on the infra-red remote. You need 6 AA Batteries for the remote, that is only your extra costs.I find charging by the USB cable is much quicker than charging with the remote.

1: When I say this is a stable mini RC helicopter that is an under statement. By pushing the right remote control the rear tail motor fires up and the helicopter will fly forward and backwards, she will also turn left or right complete 360 degree turn. As soon as you stop moving she will just hover awaiting your next move.

2: It is made of light alloy frame that can withstand some bad crashes.The blades are made of strong flexible plastic and again will take some punishment. To me this is not a toy helicopter but a mini coaxial helicopter that has blades spinning in two different direction giving stability.The Syma S107 also has a gyro function that ads to complete stability when hovering. Because not a plastic toy spare parts are easy to get and very reasonably priced should you have a serious crash.

Some bad points:

1: The remote is infra-red which means it does not like sunlight. In my personal view the Syma is an indoor helicopter not suited for outdoors, as hates any wind at all. If you want to fly outside this helicopter is not for you. Try to keep away from your digital TV as can affect remote signal. Do not fly near a fan or air conditioner, turbulence of air will make you lose control.

2: Battery power only really lasts 5 to 6 minute flying time and then 20 minutes to recharge. Point to consider is to let the battery cool down after a flight for 15 minutes as they get hot and constant recharging without a cool down period will give less battery life. That is why I have a few Syma 107 helicopters charged and ready to fly. Do not keep flying until all battery power depleted, again strains the battery.

3: There are some fakes and clones being sold on the market so be careful. There is a difference between the two, clones generally being ok as made under license.

All said and done this mini remote helicopter for its price will give hours of fun and probably wet your appetite to buy a bigger helicopter.

The great thing is this little bird is complete and ready to fly out of the box with everything supplied. All that is required is just a charge and 6AA batteries for the remote. When you start to research which helicopter to buy for a beginner, you will see prices over $100 for the same quality the Syma S107 offers at around $30 or less depending where you buy it from, makes you realize the sheer value for money she offers.

Please visit my blog for the complete review of the Syma S107 there is a great deal of information and Videos to help you get started in this fantastic hobby.

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