Newly released in 2011, in this ultra micro helicopter Coast Guard Rescue Syma S111G, it includes a 4-in-1 infrared controller (Gyro + ESC + Mixer + Receiver). This makes the palm size helicopter have outstanding performance in hovering. It is not an usual toy that it can fly smoothly and have a very detailed body frame. Looks like the rescue helicopter Dauphin. 3 Channels for flying it, able to move in 6 Directions.

It's detailed and beautiful fuselage is decorated by flashing LED light, making it looks great in visual effect, especially flying it in a soft light indoor area. As it is made of very light plastic, that protects the heli from crash, it won't break easily. This would be great for those who are new to R/C toys! Be ware that this toy helicopter is designed for those who are over 8 years old. That's suitable from kids to adults!


  • Battery: 3.7v 150mAh
  • Charge time: 20-30minutes
  • Flight Time: 5-6minutes
  • Helicopter battery: Rechargeable lithium polymer battery
  • Frequency: Infra red control system
  • Range: Up to 10m (30ft

  • 1 x Helicopter
  • 1 x Remote Controller
  • 1 x USB Charging Cable
  • 1 x Manual



Per Unit

  • Dimension: 49 x 10 x 19cm
  • Gross Weight: 510g

Per CTN (18 Units)

  • Dimension: 82 x 38 x 57cm
  • Gross Weight: 11,900g

I like all the Syma mini military helicopters they have for sale and buy all the new models that get released every so often.The latest I just bought is the Syma S11G.

Pros and Cons Of The Syma S111G

These mini helicopters from Syma are extremely stable because of the Gyro technology and dual coaxial blades. As most of you know I am a huge fan of the Syma S107 (Review)
They all have infra red remote controller, this means it really is a indoor helicopter and not for out side as the infra red remote hates sunlight, also when flying inside keep away from digital TV as will fall out of the sky.

Charging can be done from the remote or using a USB port on your computer. Supplied is a USB Cable, I find it is quicker to charge from the USB than the remote and saves the AA batteries in remote.Syma-S11G-ChargingBelow is a photo of  coaxial structure, which enhances the flight stability.You will also notice the Detailed fuselage design and finishing which gives the SymaS111G a unique look.

Syma S11G-Coaxial

This heli also has tail rotor closer to the rotor plane which does help the forward and back speed and tends not to get bogged down where the Syma S107 can depending if you do a mod on the 107. Photo below shows you more what I mean.


I would love to have seen a non infra red remote for this bird to fly outside,but it really is designed for indoor flights. Also the battery is fixed inside the Syma S111G. I would also have liked to see a seperate battery so you could have a few charged to go. That brings me to the important fact about charging this bird: You Must Wait 15 minutes in between flights to let battery cool before you recharge: If you do not follow this tip your battery will not last long and then you have to split the heli to put a new battery in-  Spares are not readily available . Around 15-20 minutes to charge battery fully: Batteries are the same as the Syma S107 and easy to get.

Here is a Youtube Video

The Syma S111G is about 8 and half inches in length and a fantastic stable heli for a beginner that comes complete except for the AA batteries for the remote. The cost is around$23 plus postage.  All in all this is a well made helicopter and great value for the price and a heli to start with to build your military helicopter fleet. I still recommend the Syma S107 as your first micro heli, then building to the Syma S032 for the bigger bird. The beauty of having small mini helicopters is you can fly at home any time and no waiting for fine calm days.

The places I buy from are listed below.

AMAZON Again buying from Amazon is safe buying with easy return policy.

Lightake S111G Free Shipping

Spare parts from Lightake - Free shipping


Syma S032 Spare Parts
Beginners Helicopter Book
Syma S107 Complete Review

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