Syma So32 Videos

Unpacking the Syma S032

This German guy is crazy and smashes Syma on the floor-still flies!

Syma S032 Obstacle Flight

X-HELI Video of Syma S032

Syma S032 First Time Hovering Flight

Syma Outside Flying

I thought would show you some videos of the baby brother the Syma S107- My first Syma 107 got me hooked on all Syma Helicopters-They are so cheap and just awesome fun:

Guy gets in the way a bit-but shows you how stable the Syma S107 really is.

XHeli Video-Syma S107

Lowest Price on RC Helicopters. Amazon

Syma S107 Battle Drill:

Syma Shopping

Syma SO32 Review

Syma S107 Review

Syma S032 Spare Parts

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